McDonald’s important events timeline

  1. March 16, 2023 Email sent to MCDC’s CEO Chris Kempczinski and the Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary Desiree Ralls-Morrison to request the contact information of the company's directors so that I can notify them directly about the crimes McDonald’s Corporation is currently committing.
  2. March 16, 2023 Formal notice sent to Neuberger Berman’s CEO Mr. George Walker regarding McDonald’s Corporation
  3. November 15, 2022 UPDATING - SEC Office of the Whistleblower, second complaint submitted on November 15, 2022
  4. November 1, 2022 Request for anonymity - European Court of Human Rights - McDonald’s RICO case
  5. October 31, 2022 Request for interim measures - European Court of Human Rights - McDonald’s RICO case
  6. October 24, 2022 2-page Statement of Facts in the McDonald’s RICO/PORA/FCPA case sent to Edward Lehman
  7. May 31, 2022 Constant Méheut, journalist for The New York Times, answers me. He confirms that he understands the fraud McDonald’s committed regarding the false claim consumers had “one chance out of four” to win instantly.
  8. May 27, 2022 Explanations sent to New York Times journalist Constant Méheut
  9. March 11, 2022 I give to the F.B.I. 3 concrete examples of serious frauds McDonald’s Corporation and/or its affiliated companies committed. This should have been enough for the F.B.I. to initiate a criminal investigation targeting McDonald’s Corporation and/or its subsidiary companies for fraud and money laundering.
  10. November 19, 2019 McDonald’s Global Compliance Office replies that they haven’t received my communications.
  11. November 18, 2019 I am asking McDonald’s Global Compliance Office if they received my communications and, if they did, to acknowledge receipt of my emails.
  12. September 27, 2019 Answer from French anticorruption association Anticor
  13. May 31, 2019 Email sent to Steve Easterbrook and the Board of Directors of McDonald’s Corporation after having tried to talk some sense out of Mr. Easterbrook by calling him
  14. July 4, 2017 Reply from French law professor Yves Strickler
  15. February 14, 2017 Email sent to McDonald’s executives including Chris Kempczinski regarding the illegality of the McDonald’s Monopoly sweepstakes in the United States.
  16. December 23, 2015 Transcript of the phone conversation with the FBI’s Field Office of Chicago.
  17. December 18, 2015 On December 18, 2015, the Intake Unit of the Field Office of the F.B.I. in Chicago answers the victim asking him to contact the FBI's Public Access Line.
  18. October 30, 2015 PLEASE STOP THE FRAUD! I keep asking McDonald’s executives to immediately stop the ongoing fraud which is occuring in France. CEO Steve Easterbrook, General Counsel Gloria Santona, and European General Counsel Malcolm Hicks are notified.
  19. October 27, 2015 I receive an email from Eric Andrieu working for the Péchenard lawfirm. He is not diligent enough.
  20. October 23, 2015 I receive an email from Malcolm Hicks, Corporate Vice President of McDonald’s Europe and General Counsel. He informs me that he will be instructing an outside French lawyer to examine this issue.
  21. October 22, 2015 Additional frauds; email sent to McDonald’s General Counsel CCed to McDonald’s CEO
  22. October 21, 2015 Gloria Santona, General Counsel of McDonald’s Corporation, confirms that McDonald’s Corporation is taking my accusations of fraud very seriously. She confirms they are investigating.
  23. October 21, 2015 I send an email to Gloria Santona, General Counsel of McDonald’s Corporation, warning her that the U.S. executive team could be charged as an accessory after the fact for the ongoing serious fraud currently taking place in France. I remind them what the European Union law says. Email CCed to multiple executives in the United States and in France.
  24. October 21, 2015 4th formal notice sent to the executives of McDonald’s Corporation to keep warning them that McDonald’s France has engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity.
  25. October 15, 2013 Publication of the book “I sold my soul to McDonald’s”
  26. June 25, 2012 Written answer sent through certified mail with proof of receipt requested. McDonald’s France formally answers the whistleblower regarding the accusations of fraud.
  27. September 16, 2002 In McDonald’s Corporation v. Simon Marketing, “McDonald’s asserts seven claims against the defendants. Counts 1 and 2 are claims under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act against Jacobson and the other individual defendants, charging them with conducting Simon’s affairs through a pattern of racketeering activity and conspiring to do so.” (MATTHEW F. KENNELLY, United States District Judge).