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Key witness/Whistleblower X. (X-v-France.com)
I am the key witness/analyst/whistleblower in the criminal RICO case targeting McDonald’s Corporation for engaging in a pattern of racketeering activity of money laundering of sweepstakes/lottery frauds.

Some of the latest updates:

The latest draft of the crime report can be read at: https://www.federal-bureau-of-investigation.com/open-letters/latest-crime-report-criminal-rico-case-targeting-mcdonalds/

I’ve also started notifying, among other people, two United States Senators, Mitt Romney and Chuck Grassley, the FBI Director, Christopher Wray, the Acting Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, Nicole Argentieri, the Chair of the U.S. Securities and Echange Commission, Gary Gensler. To see the complete list, check out the timeline at https://www.federal-bureau-of-investigation.com/open-letters/

2-page only Statement of Facts that Beijing-based American lawyer Edward Lehman asked me to write.

Formal notice sent to the CEO of Neuberger Berman, George Walker, to explain why his company might be engaging in money laundering simply by investing in McDonald’s Corporation.

I also wrote to the McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski and the Chief Legal Officer Desiree Ralls-Morrison but I am under the impression that they are burying their head in the sand.

Self Introduction

The purpose of this website is to list all of the cases I am going to submit to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

One of this case is a high profile major RICO case involving McDonald’s Corporation which I accuse of engaging in a pattern of racketeering activity through money laundering of sweepstakes/lottery frauds. Furthermore and if you speak French, I recommend you to read this document.

McDonald’s France has, so far, managed to beat the odds and has succeeded not to be indicted. Unusual events have happened. Just to give you one example, multiple public/legal/court documents (called in French écritures publiques) have been doctored in at least 3 distinct procedures targeting McDonald’s. As a result of these public/legal/court documents being doctored, McDonald’s systematically escaped indictment. It’s totally abnormal. You can visualize one example here, and another one here.

These public legal documents could only have been doctored by a magistrate or a court clerk. I believe it will most likely qualify as a serious crime under French criminal law. I hardly see how the French authorities could reasonably argue that it systematically was a mistake like a clerical error. Had it happened only one time, maybe. But at least 3 times, I don’t think so.

Furthermore, I formally notified, among other people, the Minister of Justice of France. As a result, a criminal investigation should have started to determine why these public/legal/court documents were falsified.

FACT: either the French authorities are dangerously incompetent, or they are corrupted. I believe there is a little bit of both. But regarding the corruption, I can already prove that McDonald’s used to be on the radar of the Minister of the Interior over two decades ago (they even got indicted for running an illegal lottery at some point), and that later on they would start giving money to the law firm founded by the parents of Frédéric Péchenard who used to be the General Director of the French National Police when some of the crimes McDonald’s committed took place.

I will try to publish more information soon.

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