Websites related to, among other things, the frauds committed by McDonald's Corporation

Non-exhaustive list (OFFICIAL) : I will list all the cases I file with the European Court of Human Rights. (NON-OFFICIAL) : Róbert Ragnar Spanó, President of the European Court of Human Rights. Non-official website. (OFFICIAL) : Open letters to officials and institutions of the European Union. (NON-OFFICIAL) : Cédric Villani, winner of Fields Medal 2010, has been elected as the deputy for Essonne’s 5th constituency in the National Assembly, the lower house of the French Parliament. He is a mathematician and the frauds McDonald’s has been committing can be mathematically demonstrated. Back in 2019, shortly before Steve Easterbrook got fired, I wrote to him to beg for his assistance to, among other things, help me prove that McDonald’s had indeed committed aggravated fraud. I publish on this website some of my communications to him and also the threats I’ve received from his director of communication Philippe Mouricou.

FEDERAL-BUREAU-OF-INVESTIGATION.COM (NON-OFFICIAL) : This is a non-official website about the F.B.I. on which I intend to openly publish my communications to the Bureau. McDonald’s France has committed multiple counts of aggravated fraud. In 2015, I formally warned the U.S. executives working for McDonald’s Corporation. They acknowledged taking the inquiry seriously but nevertheless failed to put an end to a then ongoing aggravated fraud which was then taking place in Europe. I believe RICO charges, money laundering charged, and FCPA charges could be brought against them. : Christopher Asher Wray, director of the FBI, non-official website.

Mahonri Manjarrez, F.B.I. | (launching soon) : non-official website on Mahonri Manjarrez. Mr. Manjarrez is working for the F.B.I.

Adam Rogalski, F.B.I. | (launching soon) : non-official website on Adam Rogalski, Assistant Legal Attaché, “one of the FBI representatives in Beijing”. : open letters to investors in McDonald’s Corporation. I believe that once I start formally warning investors in McDonald’s Corporation that they’ve invested in and are financing a corporation condoning money laundering, they will have the legal obligation to notify the relevant authorities. : non-official website on Steve Easterbrook, former CEO of McDonald’s Corporation who was fired in November 2019. : non-official website on Chris Kempczinski, current CEO of McDonald’s Corporation. I speculate Mr. Kempczinski might be aware that McDonald’s Corporation committed aggravated fraud in Europe and money laundering. If he knows, he might attempt to claim plausible deniability. If he doesn’t know, I intend to formally notify him with the purpose of putting him in a position he won’t later be able to claim plausible deniability anymore.