Timeline of all kind of events, but which are key points and therefore especially important, in the McDonald’s case (EXTREMELY INCOMPLETE AS OF 2022-08-23)

  1. December 21, 2023 I launched Macron-Emmanuel.com to raise awareness about the serious crimes committed by McDonald's Corporation and the recurring pattern of forgery in the French judicial system. I've provided irrefutable evidence of document alteration in these matters. Meanwhile, happy birthday and best wishes for the holiday season.
  2. December 11, 2023 Open Letter to U.S. Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns Regarding Human Rights and Peaceful Protest
  3. December 11, 2023 Open Letter to French Foreign Office Minister Catherine Colonna, French Ambassador to China Bertrand Lortholary, Consul General Guillaume Roy. I asked Assistant Legal Attaché Adam Rogalski to forward the communication to Ambassador Burns and to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland.
  4. March 16, 2023 Email sent to MCDC’s CEO Chris Kempczinski and the Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary Desiree Ralls-Morrison to request the contact information of the company's directors so that I can notify them directly about the crimes McDonald’s Corporation is currently committing.
  5. March 16, 2023 Formal notice sent to Neuberger Berman’s CEO Mr. George Walker regarding McDonald’s Corporation. Money laundering as defined in 18 U.S.C. § 1957.
  6. February 10, 2023 I reach out to my lawyer, Mr. Edward Lehman, seeking an update on his attempts to communicate with Mr. Rogalski or representatives of the Legat Office of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. With a tone of anticipation and a hint of concern, I inquire whether they have been responsive or if our efforts are being overlooked. The postscript serves as a direct acknowledgment that Mr. Rogalski is in the loop, subtly underlining the expectation of a reply or an acknowledgment of our ongoing correspondence.
  7. February 10, 2023 In one of my analysis, I uncover the truth behind McDonald’s “1 in 4” odds in their Monopoly sweepstakes. Through a binomial distribution approach, I demonstrate the vast disparity between the claimed and actual probabilities of winning, with real odds ranging from 1 in 1,000 to a staggering 1 in 10 billion. This investigation highlights a systematic pattern of mass-marketing fraud within McDonald’s promotions. I call for immediate action from the U.S. Department of Justice to address these criminal practices that significantly skew market competition and defraud consumers worldwide.
  8. February 10, 2023 In my correspondence with the FBI, I elucidate the critical distinctions between simple probability and binomial distribution probability, highlighting the substantial implications these differences have in the context of this mass-marketing fraud case affecting many countries around the world. I argue that without explicit clarification, consumers, including minors, were inevitably defrauded by the criminal practices of the corporate predator that McDonald’s Corporation is. This fraudulent misrepresentation of chances of winning as simple probability, when they are in fact outcomes of a complex binomial probability, underscores my appeal for witness protection in the face of such powerful entities operating akin to a crime syndicate.
  9. February 8, 2023 I wrote to Tina Churchman from the SEC to ask for an update regarding my Freedom of Information Act /Privacy Act request which I filed a few months earlier.
  10. February 7, 2023 In my communication with Mr. Rogalski from the FBI, I suggest a focus on money laundering as an entry point into the McDonald’s investigation, acknowledging the complexity of probabilities involved in the case. I share my ongoing research efforts and draw parallels between McDonald’s alleged activities and those of known fraudster Lance Armstrong, to illustrate the potential scale of deceit. My plea for transparency and information—specifically regarding the lead agent, case number, and FBI Victim Specialist—is a clear call for updates and support as I navigate through the intertwining legal and financial ramifications that this case presents.
  11. February 7, 2023 In my correspondence with Mr. Rogalski at the FBI, I underscore the importance of understanding McDonald’s fraudulent probability claims in France during 2011. I argue that their statement of “1 chance out of 4” to win instantly must logically refer to each individual game stamp as an attempt, not a set of stamps. By leveraging the axiom of extension from set theory, I demonstrate that the differing number of game stamps offered with various menu options necessitates this interpretation of attempts. My email is a crucial clarification for the investigation, highlighting McDonald’s lack of transparency and the need for the FBI to recognize the underlying deceit in their criminal practices.
  12. February 7, 2023 I tell Assistant Legal Attaché Adam Rogalski, one of the FBI representatives in Beijing, that I want to help him, and by extension the FBI, to understand one of the biggest frauds in history.
  13. February 6, 2023 In my communication with the FBI, I dissect a Business Insider article to clarify the misconceptions surrounding McDonald’s Monopoly promotion probabilities. I emphasize the critical difference between the number of instant-win elements and total sets, a distinction that dramatically affects the perceived odds of winning. My analysis reveals that the actual chance of securing a prize is closer to 1 in 8, not the widely marketed 1 in 4. This significant disparity points to a mass-marketing fraud campaign by a major corporation, one that even children are expected to navigate. I urge for this nuanced understanding of odds calculation to be recognized and corrected, highlighting the intricate fraudulence at play and the need for meticulous scrutiny.
  14. February 6, 2023 In my recent email to the FBI, I stress the importance of understanding key probability concepts—specifically, the difference between “the probability of a certain scenario happening,” Bernoulli trials, and Binomial distributions. This distinction is vital in dissecting the fraudulent activities of McDonald’s in their Monopoly sweepstakes. I reference a flawed article by journalist Walter Hickey to illustrate common misconceptions, while also highlighting the accurate definition of probability as given by David Morin from Harvard University. My expectation is that FBI and Justice Department agents not only grasp the fundamental concept of probability, but also recognize the impact of the number of trials in a Binomial distribution on the outcome. This understanding is crucial for unraveling the complexities of the case at hand.
  15. February 6, 2023 In my email to the FBI, I aim to shed light on the set theory and its pertinence to the FBI’s investigation of McDonald’s Corporation’s criminal activities. I express urgency for the FBI and the Justice Department to grasp the nuanced distinction between an element and a set, a foundational concept that underpins the sophisticated mechanics of the crimes in question. Amidst my call for clarity and action, I also convey my anticipation for a response regarding the lead investigator of the racketeering case, hinting at the necessity to involve oversight agencies should the silence persist. My message underscores the critical need for understanding mathematical principles in unraveling the intricacies of the serious crimes committed by the transnational crimal entity McDonald’s Corporation.
  16. February 3, 2023 In my correspondence with the FBI, I confront a pressing question: “Is McDonald’s Corporation too big to fail?” I question the U.S. government’s resolve in tackling the crimes committed by one of the world’s largest corporations. My email seeks to understand the progress of the investigation and Mr. Rogalski’s involvement. I offer to clarify any complexities he might face and urge for a response. This message is a direct appeal for action and transparency, aiming to shed light on the potential impunity of a corporate giant and the need for accountability in the face of significant global implications.
  17. February 3, 2023 In my communication with my lawyer, Edward Lehman, I address the daunting situation of being sued by Nicole Belloubet, the former French Minister of Justice. Despite the gravity of the situation, I maintain my innocence and express hope that my lawyer believes in me. The email reflects my frustration with the French administration, which I openly criticize. This message is a candid expression of my feelings towards the legal challenges I am facing, and a reaffirmation of my efforts to seek help and warn about potential injustices. My intention is to convey the seriousness of my situation while standing firm in my belief of innocence.
  18. February 2, 2023 In my correspondence with the FBI, I delve into the intricate details of McDonald’s Corporation’s fraudulent claims in their Monopoly sweepstakes. I express my concerns regarding the fraudulent nature of the game’s probability calculations, particularly the assertion of having “1 chance out of 4” to win. I argue that, in reality, the odds were closer to “1 chance out of 8,” a figure never stated by the corporation. My goal is to demonstrate the fraud in their probability claims and to clarify the real chances of winning based on a single game stamp. I urge Mr. Rogalski (State Department/FBI) to ensure the FBI is aware of these issues, as they have ramifications in numerous countries. I urge the FBI to alert INTERPOL. This email is an attempt to unravel the complexities of the situation, seeking clarity and accountability in one of the largest fraud cases in history.
  19. January 30, 2023 In an email I sent to the FBI, I draw a stark comparison between McDonald’s Corporation and disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong. This page reveals my insights on how small, criminally obtained advantages, when systematically exploited, can lead to substantial and unfair dominance in the business world. My analogy strikingly positions McDonald’s marketing tactics alongside Armstrong’s infamous career, offering a unique perspective on the deceptive and illegal strategies that underlie the success of this global fast-food leader.
  20. January 30, 2023 In my correspondence with Mr. Adam Rogalski, Assistant Legal Attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, I delve into my longstanding belief that the U.S. version of the McDonald’s Monopoly sweepstakes constitutes an illegal lottery. Citing a detailed explanation on a website, I argue that the promotion’s claim of “NO PURCHASE NECESSARY” is misleading, as statistical analysis suggests that participating without a purchase might be more costly than the prizes offered. Additionally, I challenge the assertion that “PURCHASE WILL NOT IMPROVE CHANCES OF WINNING.” I propose that, theoretically, a wealthy enough individual could secure all prizes by purchasing all game stamps, thereby guaranteeing victory, which contradicts McDonald’s claim. These inconsistencies, I believe, point towards fraudulent practices. I also suggest the FBI question former McDonald’s executive Gloria Santona, as her departure timing might be significant. My aim is to highlight the potential deception in this widely known sweepstakes and the need for thorough investigation.
  21. January 30, 2023 I reach out with a personal appeal to the FBI and State Department, requesting clear communication and support in a complex fraud case. Amid the turmoil of being a key witness against a formidable corporate adversary, I convey my struggle for peace and the heavy toll of ongoing stress. I emphasize my need for confidentiality in certain discussions, along with psychological support, underscoring the gravity of the situation and my earnest quest for assistance and understanding from law enforcement.
  22. November 15, 2022 UPDATING - SEC Office of the Whistleblower, second complaint submitted on November 15, 2022
  23. November 1, 2022 Request for anonymity - European Court of Human Rights - McDonald’s RICO case.
  24. October 31, 2022 Request for interim measures - European Court of Human Rights - McDonald’s RICO case.
  25. October 24, 2022 2-page Statement of Facts in the McDonald’s RICO/PORA/FCPA case sent to Edward Lehman
  26. May 31, 2022 Constant Méheut, journalist for The New York Times, answers me. He confirms that he understands the fraud McDonald’s committed regarding the false claim consumers had “one chance out of four” to win instantly.
  27. May 27, 2022 Explanations sent to New York Times journalist Constant Méheut
  28. March 11, 2022 I give to the F.B.I. 3 concrete examples of serious frauds McDonald’s Corporation and/or its affiliated companies committed. This should have been enough for the F.B.I. to initiate a criminal investigation targeting McDonald’s Corporation and/or its subsidiary companies for fraud and money laundering.
  29. November 19, 2019 McDonald’s Global Compliance Office replies that they haven’t received my communications.
  30. November 18, 2019 I am asking McDonald’s Global Compliance Office if they received my communications and, if they did, to acknowledge receipt of my emails.
  31. September 27, 2019 Answer from French anticorruption association Anticor. I would forward their reply to Cédric Villani, a member of the French Parliament. The internal investigation targeting Steve Easterbrook would start about 1 week after this email I received from Anticor. Coincidence? Maybe. But it’s a fact that there is parallel truth which was happening at the same time. I personally don’t think it’s a coincidence.
  32. May 31, 2019 Email sent to Steve Easterbrook and the Board of Directors of McDonald’s Corporation after having tried to talk some sense out of Mr. Easterbrook by calling him.
  33. January 25, 2019 On January 25, 2019, I sent an email to, among other people, Nicole Belloubet, François Molins, Rémy Heitz, Hélène Davo, and Emmanuel Macron. In this email, I alerted them to the serious dysfunctions of the French judicial system. I also provided 7 concrete examples of the serious crime of falsification/doctoring/altering/forging of a court/public/official/legal document/decision, under articles 441-1 and 441-4 of the French criminal code. I alerted them that there are at least several billion euros in fines to be imposed on the McDonald's group.
  34. October 23, 2018 On October 23, 2018, at 20:06, I formally notified French Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet about the grave incident at the Legal Aid Office of the Versailles Court. This office had intentionally altered a date to unjustly dismiss my appeal against McDonald's France and one of their accomplices, thus committing a serious crime under French law. Minister Belloubet might also have committed a crime if she neglected to follow-up on my report.
  35. October 23, 2018 On October 23, 2018, at 19:34, I alerted high-ranking French magistrates, encompassing both public prosecutors and judges, about a grave incident at the Legal Aid Office of the Versailles Court. This office had intentionally altered a date to unjustly dismiss my appeal against McDonald's France and one of their accomplices.
  36. March 19, 2018 Email sent to the Minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet, to beg her to respond to me.
  37. January 3, 2018 French Law Professor Yves Strickler tells me that the adversarial procedure is fundamentally the only rule to guarantee. He also answers one of my questions and quote article 40 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure.
  38. July 16, 2017 In his explanation, Law Professor Yves Strickler presented me with a pertinent reference from a legal expert text, emphasizing key aspects of individuals targeted by Article 432-1 (to obstruct the execution of the law) of the French Criminal Code.
  39. July 4, 2017 Email from Professor Yves Strickler, Associate Professor of Law Faculties, confirming to me that procedural contracts are invented by the bar associations, the jurisdictions, and the legal aid offices, and that this is something truly preposterous! That the law is the law, and French institutions are obligated to respect it. In essence, this situation amounts to the judicial branch circumventing the legislative branch to create its own laws, a practice that is profoundly dangerous. It undermines the principle of the separation of powers, a cornerstone of democratic governance.
  40. July 4, 2017 Email from Professor Yves Strickler, Associate Professor of Law Faculties, confirming to me that my request for provisional admission to legal aid seems admissible and expressing surprise that I have not initiated summary proceedings
  41. February 14, 2017 Email sent to McDonald’s executives including Chris Kempczinski regarding the illegality of the McDonald’s Monopoly sweepstakes in the United States.
  42. December 23, 2015 Transcript of the phone conversation with the FBI’s Field Office of Chicago.
  43. December 18, 2015 On December 18, 2015, the Intake Unit of the Field Office of the F.B.I. in Chicago answers the victim asking him to contact the FBI's Public Access Line.
  44. October 30, 2015 PLEASE STOP THE FRAUD! I keep asking McDonald’s executives to immediately stop the ongoing fraud which is occuring in France. CEO Steve Easterbrook, General Counsel Gloria Santona, and European General Counsel Malcolm Hicks are notified.
  45. October 27, 2015 I receive an email from Eric Andrieu working for the Péchenard lawfirm. He is not diligent enough. I would later learn that he his the best friend, since childhood supposedly, of the former General Director of the French National Police, Frédéric Péchenard. Corruption or legal malpractice? Or both?
  46. October 23, 2015 I receive an email from Malcolm Hicks, Corporate Vice President of McDonald’s Europe and General Counsel. He informs me that he will be instructing an outside French lawyer to examine this issue.
  47. October 22, 2015 Additional frauds; email sent to McDonald’s General Counsel CCed to McDonald’s CEO
  48. October 21, 2015 Gloria Santona, General Counsel of McDonald’s Corporation, confirms that McDonald’s Corporation is taking my accusations of fraud very seriously. She confirms they are investigating.
  49. October 21, 2015 I send an email to Gloria Santona, General Counsel of McDonald’s Corporation, warning her that the U.S. executive team could be charged as an accessory after the fact for the ongoing serious fraud currently taking place in France. I remind them what the European Union law says. Email CCed to multiple executives in the United States and in France.
  50. October 21, 2015 4th formal notice sent to the executives of McDonald’s Corporation to keep warning them that McDonald’s France has engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity.
  51. October 15, 2013 Publication of the book “I sold my soul to McDonald’s”
  52. June 25, 2012 Written answer sent through certified mail with proof of receipt requested. McDonald’s France formally answers the whistleblower regarding the accusations of fraud.
  53. September 16, 2002 In McDonald’s Corporation v. Simon Marketing, “McDonald’s asserts seven claims against the defendants. Counts 1 and 2 are claims under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act against Jacobson and the other individual defendants, charging them with conducting Simon’s affairs through a pattern of racketeering activity and conspiring to do so.” (MATTHEW F. KENNELLY, United States District Judge).